Clean, uncluttered, functional lines and a layout designed for maximum onboard comfort.

One of the pleasures for anyone who buys a Pershing is the enjoyment of discovering the technological improvements and brilliant innovations.

Because today, as in the past, every Riva yacht is much more than a jewel in a nautical crown, it is a masterpiece of boatbuilding.

Classic Riva yachts restored to their full glory.

Boat-owners can have their vessel tailor-made to their taste and style, from the selection of precious timbers to fittings and soft décor, making each vessel truly unique.

The name of the brand is simply the surname “Amati” written backwards.

The Dolphins feature with a more modern flair the old lobster boats, the typical American crafts produced in New England.

Cranchi, a family, a history, a unique brand in the world.