Craftsmanship, unmatchable quality, innovative but always functional design, has always been Riva’s hallmark. With a painstaking care to structural details, every boat, from 27 to 115 feet, is given a precise personality linked to its name. Riva is, more than ever, a refined, elegant and timeless beauty on water, featuring state of the art design and performance. All of Riva’s unique characteristics are due to a strong bond between design and tradition. None of its recent accomplishments would have been possible without the knowledge and experience of those individuals who have passed their talents in building boats from generation to generation.

Today, Riva’s models stand out for their clean and essential lines, very elegant and original, for their exclusive design and unique style. This perfect blend of elegance and innovation sets the benchmark in the history of international boating design. The spirit of Pietro Riva, the young boat builder, still lives on. Riva is still building boats nobody else possibly could. Officina Italiana Design is the design studio to which the unmistakable style of Riva yachts has been exclusively entrusted, for both the interiors and exteriors, marking new stages in the history of international nautical design.

With the acquisition of Riva by Ferretti Group, in May 2000, a new period of growth began, but also a new era, rich in opportunities for Officina Italiana Design, started. They represent a relevant part of the historical memory of the boatyard and of its recent tradition. Officina Italiana Design has signed all the projects currently being produced. In Micheli’s words: “We are not keen on ‘showy’ yachts with mere virtuosity of form. Neither do we indulge in gratuitous connotations with an obvious impact. We love a classical, essential, clean design style, where the keyword is ‘removing’ not ‘adding’. Our aim is to achieve the essence of a unique, unmistakable style, where innovation meets and develops in harmony with a tradition which has become legendary.”


Riva Aquariva Super

Riva Rivamare

Riva Rivarama Super

Riva 63 Vertigo

Riva 63 Virtus

Riva 76 Bahamas

Riva 76 Perseo

Riva 88 Domino Super

Riva 88 Florida

Riva 100 Corsaro

Riva 122 Mythos

Riva 50 MT