Founded in 1994, by Edwin Ho, Starship Yachts Ltd has been one of the pioneers of Yachting in Asia.

Since its inception, Starship Yachts Ltd. has brought to Asia some of the most iconic names in luxury boating, specializing Italian brands such as Ferretti, Pershing, Riva, Custom Line, itama, Mochi Craft, AB, Baia, ISA, and Cranchi, just to name a few.

By securing some of the best dealerships from the best Italian brands, Starship Yachts Ltd. was the first Yacht Dealer Company to sell boats in China, Hong Kong and all South East Asia.

The business model is simple and very effective, to offer a wide spectrum of Yachts in each specialized category: Cranchi for entry level clientele and best value for money, Baia and Pershing for the fast and big offshore vessels, Riva and Ferretti for high end luxury fast cruising, ISA and CRN for superyachts.

During 25 years of activity, Starship Yachts Ltd secured some of the best Yachts in the region and the positive trend has not yet came to an end.

Recent Yachts Sold

Riva 102 Corsaro Super

Sold: 2023

Custom Line Navetta 30

Sold: 2022

Riva Florida 88

Sold: 2019

Some of our other Legendary Yachts Sold

Riva 110

Sold: 2019

Custom Line Navetta 33

Sold: 2019

Pershing 140

Sold: 2018

Ferretti Yachts 920

Sold: 2018

Riva Argo 90

Sold: 2018

Riva 100

Sold: 2016

Riva Domino 86

Sold: 2014

AB 116

Sold: 2012

Baia 100

Sold: 2011

With offices and shipyard in Hong Kong, Starship Yachts Ltd offers a wide range of services, including a highly personalized Management Service Program to accommodate any clientele.

Our services include

Yacht repairs

Maintenance packages.

Financing partnerships

Yacht insurance