Pershing 5X

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Pershing 5X

Make: Pershing | Lenght: 16,51 [m] - 54 ft 2 in | Pax: 12

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The first of the “Generation X” creations. A bold coupé whose mark – a code used in the aeronautical world to refer to extreme performance and technological evolution – alludes to the unquenchable thirst to set sail for new horizons at great speed. Pershing 5X is the first page of a fabulous new chapter in the history of Pershing.


Last update: 9/1/2022VOLVO D11 – IPS 950
2 Cabins – IPS
LOA16,51 [m] – 54 ft 2 in
LH15,37 [m] – 50 ft 5 in
LWL12,93 [m] – 42 ft 5 in
Max beam4,38 [m] – 14 ft 4 in
Draft1,35 [m] – 4 ft 5 in
Unladen displacement20.900 [kg] – 46,077 [lbs]
Laden displacement25.000 [kg] – 55,116 [lbs]
Fuel2.200 [l] – 581 [US gal]
Water416 [l] – 110 [US gal]
People on board12
EngineVOLVO D11-IPS950
Engine HP725
Max speed36 [kn]
Cruise speed31 [kn]
Range at cruising speed300 [nm]
Design CategoryA (2013/53/EU)
ClassificationB + F + A1 (sound emission) RINA S.p.a.