The Dominant Species

Only Pershing knows how to bring together luxury, performance and comfort together in one yacht. This has been the winning combination that has continued to make all the difference since 1985, when the first unmistakably Pershing yacht was created with designer Fulvio De Simoni’s intuition.

Pershing GTX116

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Pershing expresses and evokes the very best of what makes Italy special to the world: its taste, style and savoir faire, sense of beauty and luxury, applied creativity, as well as its search for more surprising design, more sophisticated materials and details, and more elegant furnishings. The utmost expression of performance, technology and innovation is given new life every day in the Mondolfo boatyards, where all Pershing fibreglass yachts are made, and in Ancona, where they produce masterpieces in steel and aluminium. Each one unmistakably Pershing.

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