The Ferretti brand is the true incarnation of the sea-going tradition combining luxury yacht-building excellence and technological know how which has been consolidated over the years with the creative intuition and talent for innovation of the brands founder. Harmonious design and intelligent engineering are cleverly combined with a craftsmanship that only a Made-In-Italy product can possess – an expertise which thrives to this day. Ferretti is a superb blend of the timeless appeal of Ferretti Yachts, the perfection and attention to detail of Ferretti Custom Line and the experience and reliability of Ferretti Navetta.

Ever since 1968, the Ferretti brand has been the benchmark for boat-building and today is represented by three product lines, each with their own unique character and capable of meeting the diverse needs of boat owners all over the world, from planing flying bridge to semi-displacement yachts constructed in composite fibreglass.

At Ferretti the engineering skills needed to generate state-of-the-art products work in perfect harmony with the creative inspiration needed to conceive new solutions. It is the fusion of being and doing.


Ferretti Yachts Infynito 90 (NEW)

Ferretti Yachts 1000

Ferretti Yachts 920

Ferretti Yachts 860

Ferretti Yachts 780

Ferretti Yachts 720

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