We started building boats in 1870. Since cars hadn’t been invented yet, you could say we were a little ahead of the game. The yard was small and little known, but we more than made up for it in hard work and determination.

As with any new business, the flow of problems to overcome seemed never-ending, but we got through two wars, survived the ebbs and floods of changing economic tides, and came out the other side stronger.

Now we make yachts that are highly valued around the world, our name synonymous with advanced Italian boatbuilding and unparalleled marine technology.

But there’s more to our story than just a family business that began small and worked its way to the top. Our starting point, unusually, was the bottom. Literally.

Everything we have achieved is thanks to the time we spend under the water – observing, analysing, testing – understanding how to make the most efficient, reliable, high-performance hulls that assure your safety. It’s the only way we know how to work.

So we have succeeded by focusing our attention on everything that happens beneath the surface. Even today, we still get more excited about the speed of a current than dramatic sunsets or breathtaking beaches.

It’s what we do best. And we intend to keep doing it for years to come.


Cranchi Panama 24

Cranchi Endurance 27

Cranchi Endurance 30

Cranchi Endurance 33

Cranchi Zaffiro 35

Cranchi 38 HT

Cranchi 44 HT

Cranchi 52 F Evolution

Cranchi 52 S Evolution

Cranchi 56 HT

Cranchi 60 ST

Cranchi 60 HT

Cranchi 43 Fly

Cranchi 56 Fly

Cranchi 60 Fly

Cranchi Trawler 40

Cranchi Trawler 43

Cranchi Trawler 53