“The most classic boat of all times”

The roots of classic Riva yachts go right back to 1842, when a young Pietro Riva began repairing and building yachts on Lake Iseo in northern Italy. But it was his great-grandson, the legendary Carlo Riva, who had the vision to create a range of wooden-hulled speedboats that were to become the epitome of the jet-set era and movie starts of the 1950s and 1960s.

Now, thanks to Starship Yacht’s exclusive selection you can own this dream and invest in a meticulously restored RIVA Vintage.

Restored RIVA Vintage at a glance:

  • Hand sewn upholstery
  • Wood perfectly cut and finished
  • USA engines
  • Chrome plated trims
  • 12 coats of paint by hand
  • 10 coats of varnish
  • Total of 22 coats
  • All instruments, machinery and upholstery carefully restored
  • Strict tests on water