Devil is in the details

The Riva story is all about the unique, inimitable savoir-faire that is the secret of its winning beauty and style today and has always been from the very beginning. All Riva's yachts, from the 27-foot Iseo up to the imposing megayachts, are marvels of unmistakable detail. These are the fruits of well over a century of experience, where glorious Italian craft tradition meets cutting-edge technology. Riva is the emblem of a modern, sophisticated elegance expressed in an exquisite combination of ultramodern design and a judicious use of the finest woods, from mahogany to streaked, in an endless variety of colours and grains.

Riva 82' Diva New - Yacht Brand

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In a variety of different lengths and models with a shared spirit of performance, safety and exclusive style, the Riva range expresses the soul of this legendary brand to sublime effect.

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